I have been building models of some kind or other most of my life. When I got older I started building Sci-Fi models. I enjoy building Science Fiction Models the most since I can let my imagination run wild when I build them. After all who really knows what will be possible in the future. I get a lot of my inspiration from Sci-Fi Books I collect. I own most of the books about Star Wars, Star Trek, and Alien, including their Tech Manuals. I have the Star Wars incredible cross sections books by DK Publishing which give me a lot of inspiration. I also have a lot of other Sci-Fi Art books which I find very useful. I have a series of "TERRAN TRADE AUTHORITY HANDBOOKS" by Stewart Cowley which have a lot of Sci-Fi Art in them. Some of my favorite Sci-Fi Artists include: Peter Elson, Colin Hay, Chris Foss, and Angus McKie. I always try to design all of my models so they will look like they would if they really existed. When the Star Wars movies came out it really motivated me into building a lot more. I never throw anything away so I have a parts box full of various things I can use to build my models. This sometimes drives my wife crazy, because I have them everywhere. I always look at a part and think of how I can change it into something else. I will use anything I can get my hands on to build my models. I was a former member of the IPMS/Hawkeye Modelers in Des Moines, Iowa where I met some other great modelers. I have won numerous awards for my models in various contests, including a lot of first place ones. Some of my models have been on display at various locations around my hometown. If you enjoy Sci-Fi models as much as I do be sure and check out WWW.STARSHIPMODELER.COM.

I hope you enjoy my models, and will let me know what you think of them.
NOTE: Most of the photos were taken with my old camera and then scanned, so the quality will vary. I have recently purchased a new digital camera and plan on redoing the photos as soon as possible.

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Speeder Bike Centurian Connestoga Diorama Dread Hulk
Excalibur Scout Star Hawk Steller Queen War Hawk
Ice Speeder