Here you will find some of the Sci-Fi artwork that I have done.
It will include Drawings and/or Paintings I have done as well as some of my computer graphics artwork.
I have been drawing all my life and usually will design a spacecraft on paper before I make a model of it.
For my computer graphics I use a program called Paint Shop Pro.
If you use any of the wallpaper please let me know.
I will be adding new Artwork from time to time, so check back again.
I have divided my Artwork into separate catagories.

Blue Prints:  Blue prints of some of the models etc. I have designed and built as well as some idea's I have for other models.

Computer Graphics: Sci-fi Artwork done on the computer. Includes idea's for space craft etc.

Desktop Wallpaper: Desktop wallpaper I have designed. Some includes my models etc.